Courses and Curricula

Courses and Curricula

Courses and Curricula

Below is a selection of SARE-funded courses and curricula. Find more sustainable agriculture courses and curricula in the Learning Center.

Greenhouse Energy Conservation Strategies and Alternative Fuels

Type: North Central SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

Includes curriculum materials, extension bulletins, resource lists, and a greenhouse energy model that were developed with the intention that educators can use the materials in full or part to deliver programming on energy management and conservation for greenhouse production.

GIS Applications in Agriculture: Nutrient Management for Improved Energy Efficiency

Type: North Central SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

Provides an outline of how management recommendations are developed and how a ground-based active sensor can be used. It contains 24 case studies (exercises) ranging from using historical techniques to overcome production barrier to calculating soil organic carbon maintenance requirements.  A CD containing data sets is included with the book.

People of the Land

Sustaining American Indian Agriculture in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

Type: Western SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

This Extension educator curriculum focuses on successful strategies for increasing the adoption of sustainable practices on reservation lands. 

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Living on the Land

Stewardship for Small Acreages

Type: Western SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

One of the most comprehensive and adaptable curricula in the country for training natural resource professionals to, in turn, teach small-acreage landowners how to care for their soil, air and water while maximizing the land’s value.

Direct Food Marketing Online Curriculum

Type: North Central SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

Provides business owners with tools and strategies to help them sell directly to consumers. 

Women Caring for the Land: Improving Conservation Outreach to Female Non-Operator Farmland Owners Curriculum Manual

Type: North Central SARE Online Course/Curriculum

With the help of an NCR-SARE Research and Education Grant and funding from other sources, WFAN developed an award winning curriculum called Women Caring for the LandSM (WCL), which is designed to serve female non-operator landowners who are interested in learning more about conservation and other land management topics. The materials are also appropriate to teach youth about sustainable agriculture through hands-on conservation activity lesson plans.

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The Energy Independence, Bioenergy Generation, and Environmental Sustainability Online Training Series

The Energy Independence, Bioenergy Generation and Environmental Sustainability Online Training Series has been designed to provide educational training resources focused not only on the technical feasibility of bioenergy generation, but also on approaches and processes that assist communities in understanding the comprehensive implications of bio-based alternative energy.

The Small Ruminant Toolbox

Type: Southern SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

This Small Ruminant Toolbox is a large collection of publications, presentations and other resources that will be helpful to small ruminant producers and educators.

Ensuring Sustainable Field Crop Agriculture in the Face of a Changing Climate


Type: North Central SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

This curriculum on sustainable agriculture and climate change can be used with clientele, such as farmer groups. The PowerPoint presentation may be adapted to suit your needs and your region of the country. It contains a written script in the notes section. It has general information relative to all types of agriculture and a few specific resources for field crop agriculture. To help you evaluate the effectiveness of this curriculum with your clientele, the authors have included an evaluation form that you can distribute after your presentation. 

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National Continuing Education Program

Type: Online Course/Curriculum

This program is designed for Cooperative Extension and Natural Resource Conservation Service personnel, and is also open to farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural professionals nationwide. It emphasizes core concepts and a basic understanding of sustainable agriculture, its goals and its relevance to every farming and ranching operation—large or small.

The core of the national continuing education program is a series of three online courses. Take them now.

Southern SARE's Integrated Pest Management for Organic Crops Course

Type: Southern SARE Online Course

Course on how to incorporate principles and practices of sustainable agriculture in training for southern region ag professionals, with a focus on integrated pest management.

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