Fresh from the Field Notecards

Fresh from the Field Notecards

Fresh from the Field Notecards


SARE's series of eight Fresh from the Farm notecards showcases beautiful agricultural images by photographer Jerry DeWitt. Each 4 ½" x 6 ¼" card displays a brief message about ways to support sustainable agriculture in the marketplace.

If your organization would like to spread the "buy sustainable" message, consider buying them in bulk. Each card has space on the back for your logo. Notecard messages include:

  • Shop at farmers markets 
  • Create or visit community and school gardens
  • Support community agriculture/CSA 
  • Visit Farms/Pick-your-own
  • Buy organic products
  • Ask grocery and restaurant managers to buy sustainably produced food 
  • Seek alternative sources for buying meat
  • Explore on-line options for sustainably grown products
Product specs
Year: 2000
Length: 16 (2 sets of 8 cards) Pages
How to order
Print Version:

Order by phone: (301) 779-1007.

Visit How to Order for bulk discount and shipping rates, additional ordering options, order tracking information and more. This publication is distributed by SARE Outreach.

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