Video: Integrating Oilseed Radish for Vegetable...

Video: Integrating Oilseed Radish for Vegetable Growers

Video: Integrating Oilseed Radish for Vegetable Growers

In 2013, Iowa State University Assistant Professor, Ajay Nair, received an NCR-SARE Professional Development grant to train agricultural professionals on concepts and application of cover crops in fruit and vegetable production systems.

In this video, Nair demonstrates some of the benefits of integrating oilseed radish into vegetable cropping systems. Radishes have been shown to alleviate soil compaction and suppress weeds. Their rapid fall growth has the potential to capture nitrogen in large amounts and from deep in the soil. Their above ground dry biomass accumulation can reach as much as 8,000 lb./Acre and below ground biomass of radishes can be as high as 3,700 lb./Acre. Oilseed radish is less affected by frost than forage radish, but may be killed by heavy frost below 25° F. Radish can grow about 2–3 feet tall.

Click here to read more about the use of brassicas as cover crops from SARE's Managing Cover Crops Profitably book. 

Want more information? See the related SARE grant(s) ENC12-132, Educating Agricultural Professionals and Extension Educators in Developing Sustainable and Resilient Cropping Systems through Integration of Cover Crops .

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Year: 2014
Author(s): Ajay Nair
Location: Iowa | North Central
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