PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations

NCR-SARE staff, state coordinators, and stakeholders produce a wide variety of presentations which can help inform and educate. 

NCR-SARE PowerPoint Presentation

Type: North Central SARE Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation summarizing the most current information for the NCR-SARE grant programs.

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SARE PowerPoint

Type: National SARE Promotional Product

This presentation gives an overview of the SARE program, and is excellent for conferences, workshops and other educational events.

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Powerpoint Template for Research Poster

Type: North Central SARE Promotional Product

This Powerpoint template makes featuring NCR-SARE projects at poster sessions a breeze. Simply replace the featured NCR-SARE projects with NCR-SARE projects that are relevant for your event.

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