NCR-SARE staff, state coordinators, and stakeholders produce a wide variety of presentations which can help inform and educate. 

Scaling Up Local Sustainable Foods Followup Webinar

To explore new ideas for creating local food systems on a grander scale, the NCR-SARE’s Professional Development Program (PDP) hosted a 2-day conference in Madison, WI, September 28-29, 2010.

This recorded webinar took place in spring 2012, and was a followup to that regional training.   

SARE Cover Crops Webinars

Type: North Central SARE Presentation

As part of the Missouri SARE State Program, Debi Kelly hosted two webinars on Cover Crops in fall 2012. Presenters included Charles Ellis, a Natural Resource Engineer with the Lincoln County University of Missouri Extension Center, and Rich Hoormann, an Agronomy Specialist with Montgomery County University of Missouri Extension Center. 

Greenhouse Energy Webinar Series

Growers can often reduce energy cost by 30 to 50% by using energy efficient growing practices, tightening the greenhouse enclosure to reduce infiltration losses, replacing inefficient heating systems, and installing curtain systems.

This 3-part webinar series covers energy measures for greenhouses, thermal curtain systems for greenhouses, and the use of biomass energy for heating greenhouses.

American Society of Agronomy Cover Crops Webinar Series

This four-part series included webinars on improving soil health and maximizing yields; integrating livestock and manure; seed selection and planting; and management and termination.

Video: Managing Cucurbit Bacterial Wilt with Row Covers & Perimeter Trap Cropping

Type: North Central SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

In this video-recorded webinar, SARE grantee Mark Gleason shares information on how to manage cucurbit bacterial wilt sustainably using row covers and perimeter trap cropping.

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